Laurenţiu Spiridon, PhD
Researcher in the Bioinformatics and Structural Biochemistry Group,
Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy

♦ C,C++ programming ♦ Protein-protein docking ♦ Molecular modeling and simulation

Thesis Title:

Protein Structure and Post-translational Modifications Investigation Using Bioinformatics

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0.   Acknoledged in:
Takken FLW, Goverse A, "How to build a pathogen detector: structural basis of NB-LRR function", Curr Opin Plant Biol.;15(4): 375-84, 2012
PMID: [22658703]

- Non-ISI -

Munteanu CVA, Alexandru P, Spiridon LN, Petrescu AJ, Milac AL, "Insights into cecropin-membrane interaction mechanism given by molecular dynamics simulations.", Romanian Journal of Biochemistry, 49(1), 21-31, 2012


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